Registers Available

When a social service practitioner register with the South African Council for Social Service Professions as prescribed by law, his or her name is entered into the Register for that specific profession. When a name appears in a Register it confirms that the specific practitioner is in good standing and meet the minimum requirements as prescribed for his or professional practice. These Registers are kept by Council and the basic registration related information regarding a practitioner is accessible to the public, but no personal information such as contact details or addresses.

Anyone can search Council’s Registers to find the names of social workers and child and youth care workers. This allows members of the public or any other party, for example employers, to verify whether a person is registered.  This helps to protect the public against false representation and safeguards the integrity of the professions registered with Council.

Social service professionals have a legal obligation to keep all personal details up to date at all times. (see XXX)

Registers available

The South African Council for Social Service Professions keep the following Registers:

  • Social workers
  • Social auxiliary workers
  • Student social workers
  • Learner social auxiliary workers
  • Child and youth care workers
  • Auxiliary child and youth care workers
  • Student child and youth care workers
  • Student auxiliary child and youth care workers

Reporting false representation:

Removal of a person’s name from a Register

A person’s name can be removed from a Register under the following circumstances:

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Search the Registers


Members of the public can search any of the Registers kept by the South African Council for Social Service Professions to find a social service professional or to verify whether a person is registered as prescribed in the Social Service Professions Act 110 of 1978.

This can be done in the following ways:

Online [online portal]

Enquiry by email or phone

Visit Council’s office

When you want to search the Registers please ensure that you have all key information such as the full names and surname of a person or registration number.

Registered practitioners

Registered practitioners can LOGIN and update certain parts of their details on a Register. The procedure is relatively simple.

IMPORTANT: If your contact details e.g. email address; postal address or telephone numbers change, please login and change these immediately or complete this form with your new contact details and send to Council. Remember it is your legal responsibility in terms of section XXX of the Social Service Professions Act 110 of 1978 to keep your particulars up to date.

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