Executive Committee

Chairperson: Dr Maria Mabetoa

Members: Mr Donald Muchuchi Nghonyama, Ms Civil Legodu, Prof Lulama Qalinge, Mr Onkemetse Kabasia, Revd Berrie James Lodge, Ms Julia  Lauren Zingu and Mr Alfred Harris

The Executive Committee of Council is established in terms of section 9 of the Social Service Professions Act 110 of 1978, as statutory sub-structure of Council with the explicit mandate to deal with, subject to the provisions of the Act and the directions of provided by Council, matters and to exercise the powers and functions of Council in-between Council meetings. Section 9(1)(c) provides that decision and actions shall be of full effect, unless Council set aside or amend such decision or action at the first meeting of Council after the meeting of the Executive Committee where such a decision was taken, or action was authorized.

Communication and Public Relations

Chairperson: Mr Andries Viviers

Members: Ms Sharon Follentine, Mr. Elwin Gallant and Ms Nompumelelo Luthuli

The Communications and Public Relations Committee advances and oversees the strategic communication, public relations, branding and marketing of Council in line with the objects of the Act and in particular to “maintain and enhance the prestige, status, integrity and dignity of the professions in respect of which professional boards have been established” as contemplated in section 3(b) of the Act. In particular the Committee assists Council, its Professional Boards and Administration to develop, sustain and implement an external short, medium and long term communication and public relations strategy in line with the strategic plan of Council; to strengthen internal communication within Council; develop and support the integrity and implementation of a branding strategy for Council; provides guidance to Council, professional boards as well as its administration in the implementation of Council’s communication and public relation strategy; and maintaining the integrity and increase the usage of Council’s brand.

Finance Committee

Chairperson: Ms Julia Zingu

Members: Dr Maria Mabetoa, Mr Donald Nghonyama, Prof Willem Jan Horninge Roestenburg, Ms Merle Allsopp and Ms Alida F. Strydom

The Finance Committee provides objective oversight and review on all matters relating to the financial affairs of Council. The Committee makes decisions on matters relating to the scope of its responsibilities and presents such decisions to the Council for ratification. The Committee is tasked to assist the Council in discharging its duties relating to section 12 and 13 of the Act

Human Resource Committee

Chairperson: Prof Lulama Qalinge

Members: Ms Merle Allsopp and Mr Crosby A. Noko

The Human Resources and Remunerations Committee identifies areas for organisational development as well as challenges and problems that work against the progressive development of the internal human resources. It is also tasked with developing and reviewing all human resource policies and the organogram according to the needs of the organisation and making recommendations to Council in this regard. The Committee also makes recommendations to Council on the performance appraisal of the personnel and oversees and manage the skills audit of the personnel. The committee further advices Council on the remuneration review for staff, Council and Professional Boards.

Risk Audit Committee

Chairperson: Mr. Billy Mokale

Members: Ms Elaine Harrison, Ms. Refiloe Sibisi, Ms Anita Samaad and Mr. Sandile Xulu

The Risk Audit Committee assists the Council in carrying out its functions relating to the safeguarding of assets, the operation of adequate systems and controls and the preparation of accurate financial reporting and statements in compliance with all applicable legislation and accounting standards. It ensures that an effective internal audit is in place and that roles and functions of external and internal audit are sufficiently clarified and coordinated to provide an objective overview of the operational effectiveness of Council’s internal controls, risk management, governance and reporting.

IT & Business Re-Engineering Committee

Chairperson: Ms Elaine Harrison

Members: Mr Andries Viviers, Mr Lucky-Boy R Jacobs and Mr Crosby Noko

The IT and Business Re-Engineering Committee ensures that information technology systems of Council operate in an integrated and cohesive manner; ensures all business processes are conducted efficiently and aligned with one another; assesses the sufficiency and efficiency of existing information technology platforms and facilitate the acquisition of resources; to mitigate identified gaps; creates an environment in Council where the information technology infrastructure supports all operations of Council; and promotes easy access for the stakeholders to the different tasks of Council and lighten the burden on the staff if stakeholders could have easier access to services/information required.

Education, Training and Development Committee

Chairperson: Prof Rika Swanzen

Members: Ms Makau Winnie Lindi Morake, Dr Saloschini Pillay, Dr Lesiba Molepo and Mr Alfred Harris

The Education, Training and Development Committee assists Council in matters affecting the training of persons in accordance with provisions of the Act; promotion of the standardisation of criteria and procedures related to education, training and development across the various Professional Boards; advises Council on any education, training and development matters of the social service professions under its auspices; determines, on recommendation of the Professional Boards, the qualifications and conditions for registration of social service practitioners; and oversees the implementation of the minimum standards for qualifications by training and higher education institutions.

Transformation Committee

Chairperson: Mr Donald Muchuchi Nghonyama

Members:Ms Zenuella Thumbadoo, Ms Civil Legodu, Mr Elwin Gallant, Ms Patricia Maqina and Dr Marie Kruger

The Transformation Section 10 Committee serves to identify challenges that impacts on the against the progressive development of the social professions within the context of the social service sector and recommend appropriate and transformative proposals to Council to address such challenges; identify areas of institutional transformation in relation to Council, the Professional Boards and the administration; identify the current and future needs of the social service professions and make recommendations to Council; develop and present position papers on strategic matters to present to Council.

Registration Committee

Chairperson: Ms Elaine Harrison

Members: Ms Octavia Malombo, Ms Nompumelelo Mahlangu-Luthuli, Mr Alfred Harris

The Registration Section 10 Committee assists Council in matters affecting the registration of social service professionals as required in terms of the Social Service Professions Act 110 of 1978 and the respective regulations. It provides oversight on behalf of Council on the implementation of the policies and protocols related to registration.


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