Register to Practice

Legal Requirement

Social service professionals in respect of which professional boards have been established may not practice their professions unless they are registered with the South African Council for Social Service Professions in accordance with the Social Service Professions Act 110 of 1978. Practicing without registration is illegal and this constitutes an offence in terms of section 15(1) of the Act and on conviction such a person is liable to a fine or imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months.

This is an important legal requirement in order to safeguard the public as well as the integrity of the profession.

Licence to Practice

Download here a brochure that explains the value of being licenced to practice.

Why are some professions regulated?

Download here an article that explains why some professions are regulated by law.



Registration of Social Service Professionals

Registration of social service professionals is required for the following professions:

  • social worker
  • social auxiliary worker
  • students in social work and social auxiliary work
  • child and youth care workers at a professional level
  • child and youth care workers at an auxiliary level
  • students in child and youth care work at a professional and auxiliary level
  • social service professionals that practice a speciality recognised by Council and the respective Professional Board

Visit the Registration section on the website for more detailed information.


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