Conduct & Ethics

What to expect from a social service professional?

Every person who receives a service provided by a social service professional may expect the following:

  • He or she is registered as social worker, social auxiliary worker, child and youth care worker in the professional category of registration and child and youth care worker in the auxiliary category of registration with the SACSSP and provide proof of such registration.
  • He or she provides a quality and professional services in accordance with the standards of professional conduct associated with each professional group.
  • He or she is competent and up to date in his or her area of work.
  • He or she complies with the provisions of legislation, policies and procedures in general and in particular to specific social service being provided.
  • He or she adheres to his or her profession’s professional code of ethics.


PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT: Rules relating to the acts or omissions of a social worker, a social auxiliary worker or a student social worker which shall constitute unprofessional or improper conduct

Your rights as a client and member of the public


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